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Advanced Foot Surgery

Our foot specialists at Grants Pass Podiatry offer decades of experience treating the most advanced foot and ankle problems caused by sports injuries, over use, disease and birth defects. When surgery is the best option, you can count on our compassion to make the experience comfortable and less stressful. You can rely on our training and expertise to give you the positive outcome you deserve.

Minimally invasive procedures for maximum results

With 26 bones and 33 joints in your foot—and lots of ligaments, cartilage and muscles—an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your problem is critical to the success of your surgery. We will review your x-rays with you, show you why surgery is necessary and explain the procedure we will use. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive surgical techniques that involve smaller incisions, less scarring and pain and faster recovery times than traditional open surgery. We incorporate the same arthroscopic procedures when dealing with related structures in order to speed healing.

The most common surgical procedures we perform include:

  • Bunion surgery: When the big toe joint bends towards the other toes, causing a large bony lump on the side of your foot, surgery can straighten the toe and reduce your pain considerably.
  • Diabetic limb preservation: Conditions that used to require amputation can often be treated with a combination of conservative techniques and corrective surgery. We have extensive training in diabetic foot intervention in the foremost podiatry residency program in the country and have had great success with these procedures.
  • Neuroma surgery: A neuroma is a thickening of a nerve caused by a growth or tumor of nerve tissue. When appropriate footwear, orthotics or injections don’t help the pain, a surgical procedure can remove pressure on the nerve or remove the neuroma itself.
  • Hammertoe surgery: Hammertoes are a deformity that causes the toe joints to bend up and then curl down so the tip of the toe rests on the ground. Over time, the tendons in those toes shorten. When they have become severe, surgery may be the only option. If the toe still has some flexibility, a simple procedure can be done to release the tendon. If it is rigid, surgery may need to be done on the bone.
  • Ingrown toenails: We use a short, in-office surgical procedure to cut away the portion of nail that has grown into the skin and remove the affected tissue.
  • Pediatric foot surgery: We take very special care of children who require foot surgery using surgical techniques that were developed to correct their unique needs. We treat all pediatric foot deformities including clubfoot, flatfoot, juvenile bunion, cavus foot (excessively high arch) and fractures that require surgery.
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